5 Top Tips to have the Best Wedding Day Memories

Want the best photos and memories of your wedding and not quite sure how to do that?  Follow our top tips for rocking a movie star look on your day.

Wedding makeup


If you’re that gal that doesn’t normally wear a lot of makeup, remember that wedding day Flawless begins with a good skin routine and outstanding wedding day makeup.  You’re going to be under the spotlight, cameras trained on you, flashes popping, and needing to look good for at least 7 hours.  A good makeup artist will know exactly how to create a flawless effect using good products.  Invest in a trial session to get your look down pat and allow an hour or so of wearing it before you make a decision on whether it’s enough or too much – a little wear goes a long way.  Or take the advice of the French – a glass of champagne while getting ready gives you an elegant glow. 

Squinch for the camera

Image courtesy of Purewow.com and Pinterest

Image courtesy of Purewow.com and Pinterest

Yup, that’s the new term in Hollywood for the Emma Stone look – stars aren’t born photogenic – they learn it!  Squinching is a combination of squinting and pinching: tighten your eyes as if you are about to squint and then relax your top lids – basically your lower lids do all the work while you still have that lovely open-eyed innocence.  Add a hint of a smile and you’ve got it!   

Find the photographer who completely 'gets' your vision.

Find the photographer who completely 'gets' your vision.

Which photographer?

I know your best friend’s friend has offered to do your photos as a gift – whatever you do kindly decline the offer.  While your wedding budget may be under pressure, the photos are the memories you will have forever – don’t skimp and save on this one.  Find a photographer who is a wedding specialist – and who has photos for you to look at.  And whose personality fits yours!!

I don’t need a video

Yes you do!  While your photos capture moments, and angles and soft lighting, your video tells your story in the most amazing way.  Again not just any videographer – but one who is a true storyteller, who can weave magic with all the images and footage they create on the day, they don’t need to cost the earth but you’ll be watching that video for years to come.

Get Buzzed by a Drone

Drones capture the drama of your surroundings on your day before zooming in on you.

Drones capture the drama of your surroundings on your day before zooming in on you.

Getting married outdoors?  Invest in a drone pilot and get stunned at how amazing your video will finally be. Think amazing images flying in over the ocean or bushland, capturing your guests and then zooming in on you and your squad arriving.  We highly recommend looking into this.

Happy planning