Got those wedding hue blues?

Complementary blue palette - blues and blush

Complementary blue palette - blues and blush

No, it’s not about feeling down – it’s all about the wonderful blue hues we’re working with this week:  from pale powder puff through to deep navy.  We absolutely love the creative process of beginning to create a wedding - starting with colour, moving to mood boards, and finally to styling it all.  But our starting point is always the exploration of colour, how it fits in with the brides personality, and the theme of her wedding.  

So here's a few of our tips for developing your wedding colour scheme. First thing – be sure to be adventurous when starting out and experiment with a range of palettes. There are so many wonderful resources for building wedding colour schemes – we highly recommend having some fun with this until you lock in your palette. 



When you begin to build your wedding palette the starting point is having a good idea of what your main colour is going to be (a hue is really just another name for colour). This will set the scene for the various options you have.

Monochromatic or Complementary

Yup, it sounds confusing but actually it’s a lot of fun once you get started. You have your basic colour, next decide whether to go with a monochromatic scheme – different shades, tints and tones of the main colour; or whether you use a complementary scheme – bringing in the hues that are opposite your main colour on the colour wheel. 


Soft as feathers - flowers, ribbons and shades of palest blues

Soft as feathers - flowers, ribbons and shades of palest blues

For our monochromatic blue palette we started with delicate baby blue as our main hue, and combined it with blue grotto, aquamarine and navy.  Using the various shades and tones of the main hue resulted in a chic combination.   This palette has both masculine and feminine appeal – think bringing variations of the hue into both the bride and groom’s outfits, and blending them into a beautiful creative composition for your wedding ceremony, reception and florals.  Bringing in touches of greenery, white and black will accentuate your palette very well.  Perhaps your dress is pale blue, your groom’s outfit is navy blue, and your bouquet flowers range all the way in between.  Accented by white and oodles of greenery – we just love the softness of this elegant scheme.

Glacial greys

Or we could have used icy blues and greys, contrasting warm greys with cool glacial blues making for a dynamic colour scheme that’s very visually interesting.  Using shades of warm grey, ice and glacier blue, think icebergs and blue sea, and soft puffs of grey clouds.  Groomsmen in warm grey outfits, bridesmaids in glacial blue, and the bride in icy white with accents of soft grey tulle overlays.  Again a sleek and elegant look.


Who knew this would be the result when starting with blue!  A peak at our Cosmopolitan palette

Who knew this would be the result when starting with blue!  A peak at our Cosmopolitan palette

Our complementary blue palette is altogether different.  Starting with blue grey as our main hue, we combined it with steel, pewter and blush resulting in a surprisingly warm and strong palette.  Bridesmaids dresses in combinations of blush and blue grey, steel tones for the groom and antique pewter guiding the bride in her choice of glorious gown. This is a vibrant and upbeat palette with stronger colours that has a warm and upbeat energy.

Whatever your style, choose a palette that pops for you, and own it completely.

Happy planning!