Five top tips for a great beach wedding


Always dreamed of a beach wedding?  As incredible as they are they need to be well planned for the weather and should always have a backup option in case the Weather Gods send you blessings of rain and wind!  It’s also a good idea to do your research well to make sure your outdoor venue is totally suitable for what you have in mind. By planning well in advance you can be sure that it’s a day everyone enjoys. Here’re our top tips on how to have the best beach wedding ever.

Choose your beach


With Australia’s amazing coastline there are so many options to choose from.  Look for one that is going to suit you and your wedding party.  A broad open expanse of beach will give you great expansive photos, and a long approach to flaunt your dress as you walk down the aisle  but also little protection from the wind and weather.  Have a careful look at whether there is protection from the wind in particular.  If not – use it to your best advantage for that wind tousled look.  A small rocky bay will be more private and has a completely different look but may be strewn with stones and it might be a bit more difficult to arrive in style.  

North, South East, West 

The direction your beach faces also impacts your day.  Check out shadows caused by mountains, trees and other natural landscapes.  Make sure that you know how your beach works at all times of the day and year, and where the sunset is going to be to look your best if you’re going for an afternoon wedding.


Sunset and Tides

Yup – you need to look at your wedding date and download an app like Willy Weather.  Great for looking up the time of sunset and the tides for your wedding date.  You will want to be getting married at about an hour and a half before sunset as this is absolute gold when it comes to the lighting for your photos.  Your photographer will love you if you give them this time of day.  And preferably a low or falling tide – don’t want those waves encroaching on your ceremony just as you’re about to say your vows. 

Sandy toes, sunshine and insect repellent!

beach welcome sign rendered.jpg

There’s nothing quite like the feel of soft sand between your toes, but there’s also nothing worse than being bothered by sandflies when you’re in the middle of your vows.  Make sure that your guests have a place to leave their shoes, perhaps a basket of beach thongs and a few brushes to clean the sand off afterwards.  Add a few containers of insect repellent and you could absolutely save the day.

Beach Reception

Beach picnic styled reception

Beach picnic styled reception

Whilst the beach wedding ceremony has been around for a while, we are seeing a move towards having more relaxed beach picnic styled receptions on the beach as well.  There is this wonderful vibe with castaway island feels – tiki torches, hurricane lamps, candles in various large lanterns lighting up a beautiful beach picnic.  And this option doesn’t need to be low-key casual – think luxurious cushions, tepee tents, bonfires and a dance floor alongside the waters edge.

Happy planning


Next time:  Styling tips for your DIY beach wedding