Turn up the heat: Spring Wedding Trends 2

It’s Spring and we’re inundated with breathtaking images from the bridal runways of New York and Israel.  Couture wedding gowns worn by graceful models.  New takes on old themes, so we thought we’d share a few more of our top takes on wedding trends this season.

Dreamy Dresses

Marchesa And Notte Bridal Presentation Spring 2017 - NY

Marchesa And Notte Bridal Presentation Spring 2017 - NY


The holy grail of weddings – the Wedding Gown – is constantly evolving, and with so many variations today’s bride has endless choices. Less structure, having a 1940’s feel, beautiful Chantilly Lace and unusual silhouettes. Trending at the moment are the to-die-for dresses with billowing gossamer skirts for those oh-so-dreamy ceremonies, teamed with a sneaky removable skirt so that you can kick up your heels and own the dance floor.  Effectively two dresses in one! How clever is that?

Palette first – Venue second

Reversing the thinking on booking your venue and then only starting to think about your wedding palette, the gurus are suggesting that deciding on your palette first is key – after that’s done then find a venue to suit your style.  Booking a ballroom in the city and then finding out that your palest hues are lost amongst the gilded walls and dark carpets adds expense and doesn’t complement your palette at all.

Guest games

Croquette anyone? Boules or Giant Jenga? There’s a fantastic move to good old-fashioned fun at weddings with creative icebreakers and garden games making a big comeback. It involves your guests, breaks the ice and really gets everyone letting their hair down early.

Beach Casual to Ocean Elegance

Beach weddings will always be a favourite

Beach weddings will always be a favourite


Casual beach weddings will always be a favourite for their relaxed feel and incredible natural backdrop. But what we are seeing is a move to a more elegant and sophisticated take on this setting. While the beach ceremony still has that sandy toes feel, the vibe really amps up when the party starts. Venues are elegantly styled and the ‘shells and hessian’ table styling is being upstaged by crystal vases, amazing light installations, and awesome florals.  

Ethical Weddings

The Freedom Hub in Sydney's Waterloo - ethical wedding venue

The Freedom Hub in Sydney's Waterloo - ethical wedding venue


Think reducing your carbon footprint, teaming up with ethical suppliers, and making do with less in order to focus more on the meaning of the day. More and more venues are offering exactly that – an ethical supply chain starting with their venue.  Great for DIY weddings with the venues typically supporting a worthwhile local charity. And hey – the majority of couples nowadays already have 2 of everything – who needs another two toasters or large platters that don’t fit into an apartment kitchen cupboard. Awareness is growing to give back to a cause of your choice vs the traditional gift registry.

More on our take of what’s happening in the world of weddings next time.

Happy planning