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Choose your wedding dress to suit your silhouette

Empire style dresses suit all body shapes

Empire style dresses suit all body shapes

What’s not to love about spending hours swooning over the endless array of wedding dresses available?  And imagining yourself floating down the aisle in a diaphanous gown?   Nothing, the key is to know what your silhouette or body type is before you begin.  Whether you are an hourglass, apple, pear, rectangle or inverted triangle, there is a dress for every bride!

Worried about which shape to choose?  Well there are two that pretty much suit all body shapes: A-line and Empire.


This wedding gown is fitted at the hips and gradually widens towards the hem, giving the impression of the shape of a capital letter A.  This style has only recently come back into vogue, with the term first being used by French couturier Christian Dior for his Spring 1955 collection, described as the ‘most wanted silhouette in Paris”.  It has had a big revival in popularity since the early 2000s.  I would describe it as the Most Flattering Silhouette for All Body Types!


We have Josephine Bonaparte to thank for popularizing this gorgeous shape.  This dress has a fitted bodice ending just below the bust, giving a high-waisted appearance, and a gathered skirt which is long and loosely fitted but skims the body rather than being supported by voluminous petticoats.  The outline is especially flattering to pears wishing to disguise the stomach area or emphasize the bust, also helping to lengthen the body's appearance which is great for those of us who are a bit shorter!

Everyone except the Apples!

The classic ball gown is a style almost everyone can wear unless you have an apple or round body shape.  We are seeing beautiful variations on this theme with many off the shoulder designs emphasizing feminine décolleté necklines.

And then there are the less forgiving styles – mermaid, trumpet and sheath.

The mermaid and the trumpet

Whilst it sounds like the title of a children’s fairytale, the mermaid, as the name suggests, is a wedding dress that is shaped like a mermaid’s body. It is form-fitting at the bodice, and the skirt is designed to resemble a mermaid's tail in silhouette.  If you’ve ever tried on one of these you will realise how difficult they are to walk in – so take your wedding theme into account before taking the plunge with one of these beauties.  The trumpet is another variation of this style with the dress tightly fitted until just below the knees when it flares.  As difficult to walk in, but oh-so-beautiful to look at.


As the name suggests,  this dress is designed to fit the body tightly.  Beautiful, stunning, and gracing many of the fashion runways, this dress is not for the fainthearted, and really works well on hourglass or rectangular body types.

Get your basic shape sorted and then go for gold in designing your perfect dress.

Happy planning!





A good wedding planner will save you money!


“What do you mean,” I can hear you saying.  “That’s another cost item on my wedding budget that could be avoided”.  It’s a misconception that I come across frequently – that Wedding Planners cost the earth, In my experience, a good wedding planner is probably the ONE budget item that should be mandatory if you wish for a wedding that sticks to plan - all the details at less the cost.  That has to be worthwhile! 

Let me explain what I am talking about:

You’ve just got engaged, you're flying high on Happiness Hormones, and then the planning starts.

Budget vs Wish List

The first big reality check will usually come when you realise that your wish list exceeds your fiancee's annual salary!!  If you have not planned a wedding previously – and not many engaged couples have  – there are some big mistakes made as emotions drive your decisions!

Most Australian couples expect to spend up to $30,000 on their wedding. Unfortunately most weddings end up costing a whopping average $65,500 - that's almost a 200% budget blowout. Gone is the honeymoon fund, the deposit for your home, or that overseas holiday.  Why and how does this happen??  No clear wedding project plan - as boring as that sounds, it's probably the one thing that will save the day.  Second - you have no idea how much suppliers should charge you and what to do when they overcharge.  

So how is a Wedding Planner going to save you money?

Insider Knowledge

They KNOW the industry, they know the good suppliers, they should recommend how to work your wedding within your budget, and they should keep a tight reign on spending.

We've had couples come to us after they had started booking suppliers, only to find out that we could have saved them a whopping 25% on most items including venue. A recent couple could have saved almost $15,000 off their venue and catering bill if we had been onboard earlier. 

No Kickbacks from other suppliers

You should also be looking for a wedding planner who takes NO kickbacks from suppliers.  Someone who only works on your behalf - your agent.  By entering into a fixed fee contract with your planner you are assured that their services are secured on your behalf. 

The final comment regarding budget and wedding planners – back up options if things go wrong are usually expensive if booked at the last minute:  If the cake doesn’t arrive, or its raining and you need a marquee for your outdoor ceremony – it’s always possible to have a plan B turn up – but it will cost a fortune.  A good planner will usually have a few of these up their sleeve to save the day and the budget.

Not the fun police!

Your wedding planner will only do what you want them to do - they are not there to take the fun out of planning your day.  Bringing on board a professional planner to help and take some of the workload off your hands definitely makes sense and really frees you up to focus on all the other fun, creative and lovely things needed to be done:  The Dress, your styling, your bridal party, Hen’s and Buck’s nights – in short – the creative fun stuff.

Consider contacting a few wedding planners to see if they Get your vision.  It will cost you nothing, but could save you thousands. It's an investment that should give you peace of mind, a happy planning process and an outstanding wedding day. 

Happy planning!